Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius is an animated feature about a bright kid with a robot dog who invents things like rockets and satellites. This draws the attention of the alien race the Yokians who, one night when Jimmy and his mates have secretly visited a new amusement park, abduct all the parents of the small town of Retroville. At first the kids love their freedom and then they realise they want their parents back. It`s up to Jimmy to work out how to rescue them...Directed by John A. Davis and cowritten with Steve Oedekerk, who was responsible for Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, the film highlights how the art of animation has become so sophisticated that it`s actually quite noticeable that Jimmy Neutron has a flatness to the computer-generated characters. And not just visually. This is an animated film that has set its sights firmly on the under 6 year olds without any concession to adult enjoyment that I could fathom. It makes you realise how good Shrek is. But a six year old might disagree with me.