Just Like Heaven is an adaptation of the French novel If Only It Were True by Marc Levy, his first. It is also the third feature by director Mark Waters (Mean Girls, Freaky Friday) and Reese Witherspoon’s latest romantic comedy.The ever-watchable Witherspoon dons the white coat to play uptight, over-achieving young doctor, Elizabeth Masterson. One dark and stormy night, on the way to a blind date at her sister’s house, Elizabeth suffers a fatal car accident. Of course she doesn’t realise that she is in fact dead until the surprise new tenant in her San Francisco apartment, David (Mark Ruffalo) convinces her otherwise in no uncertain terms. As different as chalk and cheese they cohabitate in 'disharmony’ (and sexual tension) until the mystery surrounding her ghostly state is solved.Just Like Heaven could be retitled 'Just Like Hell’ because it was dire to watch. This is an unduly dull and derivative movie, a clear case of “familiarity breeding contempt” given that Hollywood churns out these kinds of after-life rom-coms regularly enough for us to see a clone movie at twenty paces. It is also a criminal waste of both Mark Ruffalo’s acting talents and Witherspoon’s. Given the movies they have appeared in of late, perhaps they should both consider changing their agents. It’s tough watching such talent go to waste on the big screen.They did their best.