The zombie movies just keep coming this year with Resident Evil: Apocalypse being the latest after remake Dawn of the Dead and ?rom-zom-com? Shaun of the Dead. Resident Evil 2 is the sequel to Resident Evil (2002), the massively successful video-game-turned-movie which took $100 million at the box office and for better or worse, finally cemented the fusion between game-playing and cinema. Milla Jovovich (The Fifth Element) reprises her role as Alice in RE 2. This time she battles the zombie plague above ground instead of miles underneath in ?The Hive?, the corporate ?bio-weaponary? research facility of which she was head of security in RE 1. The characteristic vulnerability that has served Jovovich well in past movies (see Joan of Arc) does not in this action movie. She is more action ?figurine? than action figure. Her tiny frame is obscured by guns twice her size, her martial arts sequences are blurred by fragmented shots and ?slam? editing, and the ?just pull the string? dialogue more befits a talking doll than the kick arse action hero Alice was supposed to be. (Perhaps as a more mute Terminator-type figure she would have been more effective). Although writer-creator P. W. Anderson (Alien Vs Predator) states RE 2 was by and large ?written for? Jovovich who is the supposed ?lynchpin? of the movie, she doesn?t figure too much into things until later in the mix, when she faces off against a giant fleshy freak named Nemesis. (Like her, he is a bio-engineered genetic mutation the Umbrella Corporation is keen to test in one-on-one combat). This time Jovovich shares her screen time with new characters: mainly the game-derived Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillory), another girl n? gun combo who loves to spray bullets.It?s big and it?s loud and it?s technically proficient. RE 2 will make a bucket of money and certainly find the same audience who flocked to see the first, most likely those game-players eager to see their beloved virtual warriors brought to life on the big screen. But there is not a lot of life going on, just allusions to it. Honestly, this is poor filmmaking. The lack of anything other than technical spectacle makes it a dull, numbing affair. It feels like a second unit director made it and it was. In the absence of Anderson - who was off making the much more interesting VG action flick Alien Vs Predator - Alexander Witt jumped into the director?s chair. Having been kept busy directing action sequences for blockbusters like XXX, Black Hawk Down and Pirates of the Caribbean, Witt brings technical wizardry to the table but not much else. The actors seem to direct themselves and story is so shorthanded (presumably to make room for more spectacle), it all but ceases to exist. The result is a successful big screen video game with all the bells and whistles required, but a dud movie. It is part of ?the new way? in studio filmmaking, ushered in by George Lucas? digital Star Wars epics where acting and story are secondary to CG effects.If you are after a real action movie though rent Escape From New York (1981), the movie RE 2 is trying so hard to be, or 28 Days Later, the best contemporary zombie film of late. Better still, go and see Shaun Of The Dead, a zombie film that actually deserves to screen inside a movie theatre. Or play the game. You?ll have much more fun.