Famed Australian director Russell Mulcahy is at the helm for the third and final $100 million instalment of the Resident Evil trilogy.

Based on the popular video game, Resident Evil: Extinction picks up 3 years after the second film ended. The whole world has been infected with the T-virus. Those who have managed to survive being turned into flesh eating Zombies are travelling in a convoy to stay safe.

Alice, played by Milla Jovovich, is still on the run and links up with a group of survivors. She inspires them to try and make it to Alaska where it is believed the virus has not yet reached.

If they don't go they face death, if they do go - Alice could be wrong, and they'll use up vital resources.

Until this film, I was a Resident Evil virgin. So the experience for me, was like being dumped in the middle of something that had no beginning, little story and no ending. All that was offered was a series of events beginning with scary suspense, big long fights, then resolution. Only to be repeated, what seemed like minutes later.

Now I don't mind action, but if it is not backed up with engaging characters and a compelling story it can seem like an endless parade of vignettes.

Mulcahy pulls out all stops to infuse the script with as much energy and spectacle as he can muster. It is bright glossy and bold. However unlike, what say James Cameron achieves in the Terminator series, this lacks subtly and humour.

The actors do their best with some pretty lame dialogue.

Milla Jovovich is clearly the star. But bizarrely Mulcahy shoots her close ups using a different lens and different film stock. The result is unnerving. She looks airbrushed, as though in a cosmetics' commercial.

Those who know what to expect and enjoyed the previous films will feel right at home. For the rest, I am not so sure - 2.5 stars. Resident Evil: Extinction is infecting cinemas now.