There`s a serial killer on the prowl in Chicago, a particularly nasty one. It takes Cajun cop John Prudhomme - Lambert - a while to catch on to the pattern ... 33 year old men who have the names of apostles are being murdered on Fridays in the weeks leading up to Easter. The grisly part is that with each of the men a body part is taken by the murderer, a different body part each time ... Prudhomme is having a spiritual crisis of his own, after the accidental death of his child some time earlier...... Reminiscent of Seven in theme, intensity and and in its dark, rain-soaked look, Resurrection has its own merits. Christopher Lambert is actually very convincing as Prudhomme and he`s given terrific support by Leland Orser who plays his partner. Australian director Russell Mulcahy has his own sense of visual style, which is put to effective use here. Although it would have been even more effective had Prudhomme`s spiritual disillusionment not been abandoned quite so drastically - it gave the film an interesting depth, particularly with David Cronenberg playing his local priest. And there is one scene in the film that you wonder why it`s there and as soon as you wonder, you have the answer. The film is quite relentlessly gruesome but that`s possibly why it had me on the edge of my seat ...David`s comments: Slavishly derivative of Seven, right down to the awful weather - I`m getting sick of these game-playing serial killer movies. Christopher Lambert mooches through it all inexpressively, and the bad guy`s easy to spot. But Russell Mulcahy knows how to make a movie.