A wedding in Diyarbakir is intended to be the occasion for the coming together of two families between which their has been enmity in the past. This proves to be a forlorn hope when the bridegroom is shot dead.

Despite some elements I didn\'t understand I enjoyed the film\'s texture and it looks wonderful.

A rather curious release in cinemas is Wild Heart ? Boomerang Hell, a Turkish action-adventure which doesn?t exactly fit comfortably into an arthouse niche but it?s not mainstream either. It?s a rather bloody affair about the revenge of a friend?s death by former solider Yusuf played by the handsome leading man Kenan Imirzalioglu. The basic revenge plot is enriched by the locations and by facets of Turkish life that are seemingly authentic and consequently fascinating and also by the politics, past and present, of this troubled part of the world ? the film is set in or on the edge of the Kurdish area of Turkey which, it seems, suits many nations around the world to keep in turmoil. Ultimately it?s about a superhero but it?s also a lament for this particular region?s history of being at the crossroads of so many forces over many many years with a particular contemporary context. Despite some elements I didn?t understand I enjoyed the film?s texture and it looks wonderful, Tevfik Senol?s cinematography and Osman Sinav?s direction were definite pluses.