Sample People is an upbeat dramatic thriller that follows four groups of Sydney-siders as they seek escape routes over one sweltering weekend. TT (David Field), a violent and very wealthy drug lord, is betrayed by his mistress Jess (pop-sensation Kylie Minogue) and her beau Andy (Simon Lyndon), who plan on robbing him of cash and dope. Unfortunately, TT is hip to their scheming. Meanwhile, rock musician Sem (Joel Edgerton) has a vision that his girlfriend Cleo (Paula Arundell) is in peril. Sem wants to start a new life with her far away from the city, but his plans are hampered by the weirdly-epicene John (Ben Mendelsohn) who leads them astray.

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One of the film's successes is that it coherently keeps track of these disparate characters in an interesting way. Writer/director Clinton Smith has chosen a hyped-up reality look in terms of colours and angles, that matches his inner-city drug-laden music-driven material. [...] And well served by his performers, [..] they're all really impressive.

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MA 15+
1 hour 33 min
In Cinemas 11 May 2000,