The married bliss of Perry, Linus Roache, an English industrial scientist working on a new shade of red paint, is suddenly shattered when his young wife is killed in a freak accident. Certain he`s a magnet for disaster, Perry sets off for Australia - he`s won a Bingo prize of a trip from Adelaide to Darwin. The tour bus proves to be a distinctly second-rate enterprise, and matters are complicated by the presence of fugitive Grace, Danielle Cormack, on the run after ripping off her drug-dealer boyfriend...The screenplay, by Max Dann and Andrew Knight, is well constructed and very inventive - in fact, Aussie scripts are getting better! - and first-time director John Polson does a terrific job with this basically familiar fish out of water/ road movie material. The influence of producer Al Clark, who also produced Priscilla, is very evident - both films were impressively photographed in Scope by Brian Breheny and this film explores some of the less delightful parts of the outback. Roache and Cormack are delightful company.