Like The Incredibles and Fantastic Four, Sky High is a film that combines superheroes with family. It is also a unique teen comedy that also makes the effort to take both the superhero and teen genres seriously.Just imagine you are the only child of superhero parents. This is Will Stronghold's predicament. Played so well by young actor Michael Angarano (Almost Famous) Will is sweating on a miracle. It is his first day at Sky High the school for kids with superpowers. Expectations are running high for Will. His over-achieving parents Steve aka 'The Commander' (Kurt Russell) and Josie aka 'Jetstream' (Kelly Preston) are sure their son will be Sky High's prize pupil as does most everyone else he encounters on his first day. Only to Will's shame and embarrassment he doesn't have any powers yet much less natural ability as a superhero. Divided into 'heroes' and 'Sidekicks' Will is sure he will be relegated to the latter. When his powers finally do kick in however it's just the nick of time. An evil plot threatens to destroy the school population and the kids' superhero parents...Sky High is a smartly written comedy with pathos, in the vein of underrated superhero comedy Mystery Men (1999) or the more recent Spy Kids (2001). TV's Wonder Woman Lynda Carter and Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell have stacks of fun in cameos, and comedian Dave Foley (Childstar) is terrific as the blighted sidekick to Russell's man-in-tights The Commander. Sky High actually recalls the good-natured spirit of Russell's own Disney movies as a child actor, playing Dexter Riley in the movie series The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (1969), Now You See Him Now You Don't (1972) and the like. The visual effects are cheesy yet cool but perhaps the key to Sky High's success is that writer Paul Hernandez took his cues from the 1980s teen films written and/or directed by John Hughes like Pretty In Pink (1986), 16 Candles, (1984) and Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986). Like them or loathe them the one thing they did do and do well was take teen life seriously. So does Sky High. It also offers up plenty of fun while doing so.