Academy Award winners Al Pacino, Robin Williams and Hilary Swank star in a  psychological thriller from the acclaimed director of Memento. When two LAPD detectives are sent to a remote Alaskan town to aid in the investigation of an alarming teen murder, they find themselves under the glare of the region's perpetual daylight. While closing in on the murderer, veteran officer Will Dormer's (Pacino) partner is killed, and the jaded cop is compromised by the calculated mind games of the primary suspect - a reclusive writer, Walter Finch (Williams). Sleep-deprived and guilt-ridden over his role in his partner's death, Dormer must outmaneuver a brilliantly idealistic local cop (Swank), a brilliantly twisted killer and the brilliance of the Midnight Sun.

Pacino, Williams and Swank compliment each other perfectly on screen.

Such an interesting scenario is created in this film. High profile LA detective Will Dormer, Al Pacino, arrives in Nightmute Alaska with his partner Hap, Martin Donovan, to track down the killer of a 17 year old girl. They\'re met by local cop Ellie Burr, Hilary Swank, who\'s followed all of Dormer\'s cases and is a fan. But we know that Dormer and Hap are the target of an internal investigation and Hap is threatening to cut a deal. A trap is set for the young woman\'s killer. In the confusion of the chase through thick fog, Hap is shot by Dormer who blames the killer.

When Dormer tracks down and confronts the suspect, an author Walter Finch, Robin Williams, he\'s forced to align himself with Finch because Finch witnessed the killing of Hap. A sort of sleuthing duel between these two corrupted men results.

Christopher Nolan is a director supremely in control of his medium, it\'s a great pleasure watching this film. Nolan worked with his Memento cinematographer former news and documentary cameraman Willy Pfister who delivers in spades making another character out of the permanent light which causes insomnia for Dormer. This is one of those films that has a great premise for a screenplay, the adaptation was written by Hillary Seitz , terrific actors, they are all so good, even Robin Williams who seems to be doing a U-turn with his career on screen, and it\'s actually about something, the moral ambiguities that seem to be part and parcel of life.