The star of this film is an aircraft. E.D.I. which stands for Extreme Deep Invader, or “Eddie” to its friends, is a prototype Stealth bomber run by artificial intelligence. In other words, it doesn’t need a pilot. What a great idea!. But the human test pilots, played by Josh Lucas, Jessica Biel and Jamie Foxx, don’t trust it. After a spectacularly successful first mission, EDI is struck by lightning, and starts to think for itself, refusing to follow orders.The plot of this film is so ludicrous and over the top that I thought I was watching a live action version of Team America World Police minus the humour. When I did find myself laughing it was for the wrong reasons. The enemies are the Russians and North Koreans. Except the Koreans are speaking Thai, and they transport their highly sensitive nukes by oxen. With all round intensely hammy acting it’s hard to believe that one of these actors is an Oscar winner. Fans of computer games may find some solace in the endless slow motion explosions, but if you’re looking for realism forget it.