Trevor Finch, Christian Slater, is in trouble. The Mob has hired an assassin, Critical Jim, Tim Allen, to kill Cletis Tout, and Jim is convinced Finch is Tout. Finch has to persuade the hit man, who adores old movies, that he's not Tout, and so he pitches him a story - a story about a jewel thief, Richard Dreyfuss, a jewel heist, a prison escape, and the jewel thief's daughter, Portia de Rossi. Things get a bit complicated. With a plot inspired in equal parts by Elmore Leonard and Quentin Tarantino, this quite entertaining comedy-thriller is cool and sophisticated. Made three years ago, and delayed for no discernible reason, it's skillfully constructed and at times even rather witty thanks to the screenplay by director Chris Ver Wiel. Tim Allen is amusing as the movie-fixated contract killer and Richard Dreyfuss, though his role is too small, is also good as the con-man who poses as a magician to get away with his ill-gotten gains. Portia De Rossi and Christian Slater have less interesting roles, but they're amiable company and Billy Connolly provides one of his manic cameos as a corrupt city coroner. Who Is Cletis Tout? is a minor pleasure but a pleasure nonetheless.