What really went down at this year's Melon awards? Videos & pics inside will tell all.
18 Nov 2013 - 2:55 PM  UPDATED 18 Nov 2013 - 2:55 PM

So alongside our very own 2013 PopAsia Awards here in Oz, over in K-pop land it’s award season too and the 2013 MelOn Music Awards held its fifth year of ceremonies at the Olympic Gymnastic Arena in Seoul yesterday night.

EXO hosting the MELON awards

Hosted by mega-group EXO and ‘The Innocent Man’ actress Lee Yoo Bi, this year’s MMAs was full of magical illusions, paper planes, nostalgic hit medleys and tears of love.


5. Dynamic Duo’s “BAAMing” good performance & SISTAR’s brilliant quick changes.

[video, starts at 3:42:53]

It’s a tie for fifth place as artists such as IU, BEAST, Ailee, BTS and EXO put up amazing stages for this year’s MMAs, but the performance that really got our heads bopping here at PopAsia HQ was hip-hop veterans Dynamic Duo and their very entertaining illusions during their performance of “BAAAM”.

SISTAR’s performance of “Gone Not Around Any Longer” and “Give It To Me” also gets the nod for our Top 5 for their added touches of scarf magic and flawless quick changes. Check it out below:


3. EXO’s “rain” of chocolates and paper plane throwing fails.

EXO hosting the MELON awards

We all knew there was bound to be silliness when four of K-pop’s were let loose on stage to host this year’s MMAs. One of our favourite “fails” of the night included EXO’s Baekyun and Chanyeol trying to throw paper planes past the first row of the audience.

EXO also continued to prove their domination with the tech-savvy (remember this year’s EMAs ?) as they won awards for both Best Song and Netizen’s Choice with their song “Growl”.

2. The generous support given for Ailee after all the drama she’s been through recently.

How heart-warming was it to hear all the loud cheers and encouragement for Korean-American artist, Ailee when she came up to accept her Top 10 award after performing “Romeo & Juliet”? We definitely felt a little fuzzy here at PopAsia HQ after her moment on stage.

1. SHINee’s amazing performance, winning Artist of the Year and then getting all teary-eyed.

More tears as the big announcement for Artist of the Year was made and the boys from SHINee showed how thankful they felt by letting a few tears slip out. Fellow SM Towners EXO then joined SHINee on stage for a big group hug. Awww.

Before the tears though – an amazing light show, robotic wolverine-esque hand attachments and slick, synchronized dance moves delighted Shawols all over as each member performed a solo to SHINee’s greatest hits before coming all together and rockin’ the house down with “Why So Serious?”. Check out the video below!

Those are our Top 5 moments of 2013’s MelOn Music Awards, what are yours PopAsians?


Full list of winners from the night:

Artist of the Year: SHINee

Album of the Year: Busker Busker – ‘Busker Busker 2nd Album’

Best Song of the Year: EXO – “Growl”

Rookie Award: BTS/Bangtan Boys & Kim Ye Rim aka Lil Kim

Netizen’s Choice Award: EXO – “Growl”

Global Artist Award: PSY

Hot Trend Award: Crayon Pop – “Bar Bar Bar” & Rose Motel – “Longtime Lovers”

Best Songwriter: Shinsadong Tiger

Music Video Award: BEAST – “Shadow”

Concert Cultural Award: Shin Seung Hoon

MBC Music Star Award: f(x)

Best Rap / Hip-Hop: Baechigi “Shower of Tears” feat. Ailee

Best R&B / Ballad: Huh Gak – “Monodrama” & K.Will – “You Don’t Know Love”

BEST Original Soundtrack: Yoon Mi Rae “Touch Love” (For K-drama, The Sun of My Master)

Best Pop: Bruno Mars – “Young Girls”

Best Rock: Cho Young Pil – “Bounce”