What really caused the SNSD "black ocean" treatment? Find out...
18 Mar 2014 - 5:32 PM  UPDATED 18 Mar 2014 - 6:36 PM

In 2008, not long after their debut, Girls’ Generation (SNSD) performed at one of k-pop’s biggest annual concerts “Dream concert” and experienced a 10 minute “black ocean”.

What does that mean exactly? It means the entire mass of fans at the concert failed to shine their fan-coloured light sticks (for SNSD, it’s rose pink) or cheer in any way for the 9 member girl group.  

Here is what some of the girls had to say about it,

YoonA: "Back then, while we were promoting our first album 'Into the New World' at 'Dream Concert', there was a 10 minute boycott. We started on stage to a dark, silent audience like no one was even there."

Hyoyeon and Seohyun: "We were focused on the stage, so we didn't really know about the boycott. There was only one little pink light in amidst all of the darkness."

So, why did the infamous “black ocean” happen?

Here are some theories:

1. When Girls’ Generation released “Into the New World” (the song they were promoting at the concert) they already had fans, so it wasn’t for the lack of SONEs at the concert …

2. There was a FANWAR. There was a story that during the Super Junior’s performance (before SNSD’s) a number of SNSD fanboys ran toward the Super Junior banners and ripped them apart, right in front of the ELF fans. As a result, other fan groups decided to boycott all of the SONEs. There is a flip side to the story that says that the SONEs tore the banners because the ELFs/Cassiopeias organised all the other fandoms to turn off their light sticks in the 1st place… who knows!

3. Girls Generation supposedly had a lot of haters as well as fans at the time. Some people have put it down to the girls being quite friendly with some of the boy idols.  

4. There is also a story that a bunch of anti-fans started chanting “Wonder Girls” during the concert too.

The truth of what caused the Girls’ Generation “black ocean” is still not clear. Do you have any light to shed on the incident?