The man on trial for attacking members of AKB48 and a staff member has reportedly revealed the motivation behind the attack.
26 May 2014 - 2:40 PM  UPDATED 5 Nov 2014 - 12:47 PM


JPopasia has reported that the man currently on trial for attacking 2 members of AKB48 and a staff member at a hand shaking event, 24-year-old Umeta Satoru, has revealed jealousy was his motivation.

It’s being reported that during the trial it has been revealed that the attack was pre-mediated, after Satoru became disgruntled when he discovered how much money they made.

Jpopasia saysUmeta Satoru was unemployed at the time of the attack.


In Earlier News (5/6/14)

AKB48 have been forced to upgrade security since the viscious attack on two members Kawaei Rina & Iriyama Anna and a staff member on May 25. It's almost airport style now! Prior to the attack, AKB48 employed 8 security guards; now they have 17 and metal detecting wands complete with body checks are now normal practice.

It's a small price to pay for the girls' safety though. See their messages to fans below.


IN EARLER NEWS (28/05/14):

If you were wondering how the AKB48 members Kawaei Rina & Iriyama Anna were doing after they were attacked at a fan meet recently, the girls posted messages on their Google SN pages thanking fans for their concern:

Kawaei said, "I'm sorry everyone for worrying you. I am recovering well little by little (^^)." She also revealed that she would be appearing as a guest but only via telephone on Fuji TV's live broadcasting show "Viking" (Kawaei's Google+)

Iriyama said, "Everyone, I am sorry for causing so many worries this time. Though I fractured and got some slashes, I received stitches at a hospital in Iwate, and I returned to Tokyo yesterday. Currently, I am in a calm environment and living quietly. I am able to smile everyday! The support and encouragement from you all are helping me a lot. I hope I could show you myself looking cheerful soon. Please wait for me (^o^)☆." (Iriyama's Google+)



IN EARLIER NEWS (26/05/14):

Japanese mega pop group AKB48 recently held a fan handshake event at Iwate Industrial Culture Centre Apio on Sunday and according to a report on Tokyo Hive, 2 members Kawaei RinaIriyama Anna, and a staff member were attacked.

Apparently they were injured on their hands by the assailant and had to be taken to hospital.  The sponsor of the handshake event explained that the incident happened around 5:00 pm. They immediately alerted the police and stated that “a man with an edged tool went on a rampage”. The injuries sustained by the AKB48 members' and staff member are not life threatening according to reports. 

Iwate Prefectural Police arrested the man on suspicion of attempted murder - an extensive charge – they confirmed that, "The man suddenly attacked them with a saw."

NHK's also reported the perpetrator was a 24-year-old man from Towada, Iwate, and he accepted the charge.

Fans have reacted on the kpop Reddit stream:

Bizcotti 소녀시대:

"This is so scary for any fan to think of their Bias groups in this scenario. chills"

Hitokiri2 S.E.S:

"This is what I worry about when idols go and meet their fans in close quarters. The incident that runs through my head is when a fan came up on stage and actually tried to huge Choa from Crayon Pop."


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