It's sad that she felt she had to say this...
22 Jun 2014 - 1:21 PM  UPDATED 22 Jun 2014 - 1:48 PM

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon has taken to her own social channels to apologise for not being upfront with her fans about her relationship with Baekhyun after it was revealed last week the two were dating.  

As JpopAsia reported, Taeyeon posted this comment on her instagram,

"SONEs. You were very shocked and hurt today because of me, right? I'm very sorry for making you feel things you should not have had to feel. I'm sorry for the article that came out today because I was not more careful. I really want to apologize. I'm really sorry for hurting you.”

"I think you felt many different things such as disappointment, anger, hatred, frustration, and dejection. I can accept all of that and I want to apologize because, it might just be me thinking this way, but you must have liked, trusted, and supported me as well as put effort and strength just as much," she continued.

"I want to speak to you in the hopes that you would stop hurting at least one day earlier. I did not post these [Instagram posts] with that intention at all, but there seem to be people who believe that I had fun putting up blatant pictures on Instagram or that I mocked the fans. So I wanted to get my words in, that that was not my intention or goal at all," she explained.

What do you think about Taeyeon’s apology?

Do you think that it was unnecessary?

NB. Taeyeon's comments can be found on the post with the Oreo biscuits on her instagram.

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