We hope you are better now IU. Fighting!

On the latest episode of SBS’ “Healing Camp” – a celebrity talk show allows guests to open up about personal subjects they’ve struggled with – IU (Lee Ji-eun) has opened up about her struggle with Bulimia.

Prior to IU becoming the famous artist she is today, she admitted she struggled with her weight.

"It was an uneasy time. My heart felt empty, and I tried to fill the void with food. However, instead of feeling better, I became anxious and felt like I was lacking," she said.

"I would eat until I threw up. I had to receive treatment for it," she confessed.

IU also opened up her insecurity regarding feeling overrated and undeserving of the praise her music receives.

She also said that after receiving praise for her performance of “Good Day” she still felt she wasn’t good enough.

The “Healing Camp” episode aired on July 14 and also featured Kim Chang-wan and Akdong Musician.


If you are experiencing any problems with eating disorders and in need of help, you can contact the National Eating Disorders Collaboration counselling services here or Helpline.


Source: JpopAsia