If loving you is wrong, I don’t wanna be right.
16 Jul 2014 - 5:40 PM  UPDATED 17 Jul 2014 - 5:15 PM

8. Oguri Shun and Yamada Yu

These famous Japanese actors tied the knot in 2012, but rumours of Oguri’s cheating persisted even after. Oguri is known to be a “co-star killer” due to his repeated involvement with co-stars. However, Yamada’s friends revealed that the actress would eventually just say ‘Well, he is that kind of guy’, and remind them that she really loves his…face. I have to say…can you really blame her? Just look at this perfectly symmetrical face and think, ‘He’s my husband.’

There you go. You forgive him, don’t you?


7. Jin Akanishi and Meisa Kuroki

All types of rumours plague this triple-threat couple (they’re both top singers, actors and models). Akanishi and Kuroki suddenly married in 2012 and had a daughter the same year. It’s said Akanishi’s management agency Johnny’s and Associates punished him for going against the dating ban, cancelling his first solo tour and drama project. Later Kuroki was linked to Lupin co-star Oguri Shun (see #8) and even Akanishi was said to have cheated while he was filming 47 Ronin. Now it’s even rumoured that the couple have signed divorce papers.

6. Bi Rain and Kim Tae Hee

He’s K-Pop royalty and she’s South Korea’s top actress—their relationship is a prime example of natural selection. However, the timeline of their relationship caused controversy for Rain, who was enlisted for mandatory military service at that time. Rain was accused of going out on dates with Kim when he was supposed to be on-duty. In the end the pop star was confined to his barracks for a week as punishment.

5. Jay Chou and Hannah Quinlivan

Prior to Jay Chou’s big announcement that he will get married in January next year, the Taiwanese pop star never really officially confirmed that he was in a relationship. He even used to taunt the media, saying he would admit to everything if the paparazzi could come up with a clear photo of him and Quinlivan together. Then there’s the fact that the couple has a 14 year age gap and started going out when Chou was 32 and Quinlivan was 18.

4. Matsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao

Okay, so it’s not confirmed that they’re a real couple…but they’re controversial, in a sorta-good way. The two co-starred in the popular 2005 Japanese drama Hana Yori Dango (adapted into a Korean drama called Boys Over Flowers) as the lead couple, Domyouji and Makino. Over the years, rumours persisted that the two were going out in real life, and there was an abundance of photos to keep shippers going. The latest buzz is that the two have been going out for nine years (aww, all this time? Yay!) and that they might tie the knot secretly in August, if their management agencies don’t get in the way. To put it into context, these two getting married is like Bella and Edward getting hitched in real life, minus Kirsten cheating on Rob.

3. Nickhun (2PM) and Tiffany (Girls’ Generation)

The first confirmed Kpop idol relationship from Tiffany’s pop group, Girls’ Generation (and third overall). Mixed reactions from the public, but one of the great disappointments are for the fans that shipped Nickhun with f(x) member Victoria (Khuntoria) after the two idols displayed great chemistry in the show ‘We Got Married.’

2. Shirahama Alan and Minegishi Minami

Massively popular Japanese pop group AKB48 has a strict ‘No-Dating Rule’ for their members. The problem is, Minegishi is a member and she was photographed spending the night at GENERATIONS member Shirahama’s house in 2013. Minegishi then shaved her head and uploaded a tearful apology online, which made news headlines around the world.


1. Baekhyun (EXO) and Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

The latest controversial celebrity couple to set the internet on fire. In June, their management agency SM Entertainment confirmed that the two idols started dating in February. While Taeyeon is hardly the first Girls Gen member to come out with a relationship this year, a lot of EXO fans did not take the news well and took to the internet to express their anger. Read all about it here.

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