WARNING: ATTACK ON TITAN Chapter 56 SPOILERS AHEAD. Read at your own peril!
23 Jul 2014 - 5:06 PM  UPDATED 24 Jul 2014 - 6:43 PM

So Mikasa Ackerman and Captain Levi are arguably the strongest, most talented people in the popular manga and anime series "Attack on Titan". Shipping them felt natural, and I was passionate about the cause.

Then… Chapter 56 happened.

Up to this point we didn’t know how old Levi is (still don’t) or what his last name was.

Then this:


Squeeze me? Levi ACKERMAN? As in, same last name as Mikasa ACKERMAN?! They’re related?!


Fans and shippers took to Reddit to sink the LeKasa ship:

It’s not all written in manga stone - yet - so here are my top three theories about what's going on:

  1. He’s Mikasa’s uncle by her mother. "Attack on Titan" creator Hajime Isayama doesn’t reveal Levi’s age but he did say Levi is “surprisingly old.” Also, Mikasa’s father was tall and blonde—nothing like Levi. (Please don’t let it be this theory….)
  2. He just adopted the name from his master, Captain Ackerman (guy who taught him all his mad skillz). Maybe Levi has a REAL last name from before he met his master. Maybe Captain Ackerman is Mikasa’s real uncle by her father….?
  3. Levi and Mikasa are just both named Ackerman and have no relation whatsoever. After all, there are heaps of people on this Earth named dela Cruz that I’m not related to! Then again, why would Isayama-san name him Ackerman for no reason…?

Resume ugly-crying.

Which theory do you think is more likely?