Ever wanted your own cheers to result in a real boost for your favourite idol? Happening now... thanks to a new app.
18 Feb 2015 - 6:25 PM  UPDATED 19 Feb 2015 - 11:23 AM

You can now cheer for your favourite J-pop idols and directly help their careers!   

Tokyo-based company Fogg recently launched a mobile app called Cheerz for Android and iOS that allows you to “cheer” on your favourite J-pop idols.

Cheerz is an app for new rookie idols that allows them to share selfies and snapshots to receive “cheer” endorsements from their fans. Getting such direct endorsements from fans could result in more exposure for the budding idols, including TV spots or maybe even a rankings jump later down the track! Tokyo Girls’ Update will soon be launching a TV show featuring J-pop idols on the rise on NHK World or JibTV in April. The app creators will also be working together to help J-pop idols raise their appeal globally, including holding live performances for their global fan base.

Since its launch, the Cheerz app has sent over 1 million “cheers” to participating idols in just three days, followed by 5 million in two weeks, and 10 million “cheer” endorsements in a month - The Bridge

There is an Australian version of the app too, so you can start supporting your favourite idols right now.

Check out Cheez on Android and iOS now. 

Source: The Bridge