SM Entertainment's girl group philosophy is no longer a mystery - but do you think they're doing it right?
18 Mar 2015 - 5:32 PM  UPDATED 18 Mar 2015 - 5:40 PM

SBS Korea's "The Unanswered" (그것이 알고 싶다) recently took a behind the scenes look at how SM Entertainment manage their artists and their concepts. Visual & Art Director Min Hee Jin had this to say about girl groups, 

"Our main target isn't men in their teens, twenties, or thirties. The male fanbase will follow no matter what happens. Overall, our main target is women in their teens and twenties. In order to gain their interest, we give (our girl groups) a confident and modern image..."

Here are some of the Netizen comments on this statement so far:


  • "Hahaha, I've fallen into their trap."
  • "They hit the nail on the head."
  • "I guess that's why their girl groups don't do sexy concepts."
  • "Hello, this is your ATM..."
  • "They know that the true success behind a girl or boy group depends on having a sturdy female fanbase"
  • "I've felt that this was their philosophy for a while... Director Min Hee Jin really knows what she's doing."
  • "SM succeeded this time as well"
  • "SM was the first time I ever liked a girl group... I was always the type to like boy groups but I fell to their plan"
  • "A fandom can only advance with female fans"
  • "Yeah, I've rarely ever seen male fans buy fan merchandise"
  • "It's true that girl groups should avoid sexy concepts if they want to gain a lot of female fans. Confident, modern concepts or an innocent concept works better"
  • "They know that it's the female fans who spend the money"
  • "But it feels like the male fans that they think will 'definitely follow' haven't been following lately. SM stopped gaining male fans after SNSD. f(x) and Red Velvet have way more female fans... SM, pick up the pace"
  • "It frustrates me that so many other companies don't seem to know this and waste their resources. Male fans will just call an idol pretty or sexy but the fans actually spending the money are females" 

What do you think about SM's girl group philosophy? Do you think it has been working... and still works?  

Source: Insitz, Netizen Buzz