Jay Park just dropped his 19+ video for his new track "MOMMAE". See what people had to say about it...
22 May 2015 - 12:26 PM  UPDATED 22 May 2015 - 12:28 PM

Jay Park has just released his new MV for "MOMMAE" (19+ in Korea) and it's safe to say some eyebrows have been raised!

Here are some of the reactions on YouTube so far...

  • "drinks some water"
  • How the heck did I get from studying for my exams to here?! DX
  •  Jay Park doin it again... breaking KOREAN stereotypes and s***.... mad props for going hard core with all korean dancers... Jay Park is ain't about that conservative life, ya'll feel me?
  • Is it just me or does he look 100 times hotter in this video
  • Those who are hyperventilating, say 'I'. Now those who want a dance version/practice of this song, say 'II'
  • Loved it! And that was Zico in there too right!? I fan girled when I saw him lol
  • Isn't this the exact thing I was trying to escape from with American Music? Well like the vid anyways
  • Love the song but not the MV, The same s*** over and over again... Love ya Jay but you should try something different..
  • as female and a huge AOMG fan... not only aomg, but Zico as well... it just makes me really sad how they seem to be into cheap, ****** women.. such a great artists, but bad taste in my opinion.. wow;/
  • ...So this is the ground breaking, the "wow jay is trying something new" music video that the teaser hyped about? This can't be more generic than your typical NA party song videos. I don't mind it being generic, but at least don't fool people with your bull**** reaction video just to generate views.
  • (In response to the last comment) Well, I think it is to some extend (sic) considering that he comes from an idol background and the music and general visual of the MV that are made in Korea (even though it is changing), yes there are similarities with the NA party MV yet this one targets another audience. However from an occidental perspective it's not new.
  • Damn, I can understand the reaction video now lol

What are your reactions PopAsians? 

WARNING: this video has been rated 19+ in Korea and contains swearing. 

The last comments refer to the reaction video Jay Park posted of some friends and strangers reacting to "MOMMAE" before it was released. Check it out below.