6 things you should know about birthday girl LiSA.
24 Jun 2015 - 4:42 PM  UPDATED 24 Jun 2015 - 5:10 PM

I don’t know whether you’ve noticed, but LiSA is my bias.

She’s my girl crush for SO MANY REASONS, YOU GUYS!. She's also an incredibly solid artist, who makes amazing sounds for your ears. 

Today is LiSA's birthday.

To celebrate (because I used all my baking energy last week), here's a pocket guide to a J-pop artist you should really know about!


1. Indie beginnings

She began singing in the indie band Chucky. She was still in high school at the time, but that didn’t stop her band from being seriously talented. The band broke up 3 years after it was formed, but that didn't slow her down.


2. Her name means something beautiful.


Her real name is Risa Oribe, but her fans know her as LiSA. After Chucky broke up, LiSA formed another band called Love is Same All. That also became her stage name.

Urgh, it’s just too beautiful. I die.


3. Her major singing debut was as an anime character!

While her voice over debut wouldn’t happen for another few years, LiSA's first major break came in the form of a part in an anime. She made her major singing debut in 2010 as the singing voice of Yui in "Angel Beats". She released an album and 3 singles as Girls Dead Monster. 

4. The anime is strong in this one.


LiSA and anime are like cats and cafes, they go well together.

"Angel Beats" may have been where she got her big break, but that’s not where her relationship with anime ended. She sang the opening theme, "Crossing Field", for the first series of the incredibly popular "Sword Art Online".

Her single, “Oath Sign” was used as the opening theme for "Fate/Zero". Her works with anime are numerous, so chances are if you've seen anime and there's been a rocking track as the theme song, you may already be a fan of LiSA without even knowing it!

5. She’s in "Minions"

The Japanese dub of “Minions” actually has LiSA’s voice in it. She voices the character of Madge Nelson. If you're already following her on Twitter, then you may have already guessed that she's a BIG fan of the minions.

6. Her fans adore her.

Check out this video put together by her many fans (from many lands) to celebrate her birthday.

There’s much more to discover about LiSA but I’ll leave that up to you, brave traveller.

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