You know you want to do it... even if just to be in the presence of Meng Fei.
4 Sep 2015 - 3:43 PM  UPDATED 30 Sep 2015 - 2:35 PM

Are you tired of eating dinner alone? #cryingalonewithsalad? SBS 2 is giving Aussie singles a chance to find true, deep, ever-lasting love on If You Are The One. You could be heading to China to be a part of an If You Are The One Australian special - and we’ve got 5 good reasons why you should book that (future) dinner reservation for two and sign up to be a part of the world’s biggest dating show.

1. You’ll get your 15 minutes of fame 

China has a population of 1.3 billion. Each episode of If You Are The One gets roughly 50 million viewers. So whether you’re ‘lucky’ or not on the show, chances are that the Chinese public will recognise you (even if that happens to be in the airport on the way home). Pro tip: if you’re trying to kick off your singing/rapping/dancing career, here’s your stage. 

2. You get to meet Meng Fei

Oh em gee. Meng Fei. One of China’s most famous faces and quite easily the host with the most. And if there’s anyone who’ll tell you how it is, it’s him. Maybe you need that wakeup call #justsaying.  

3. You could get turned into a meme

You know you’ve made it once you’ve been turned into a meme. Say something quirky and you could become #instafamous or a viral Facebook phenomenon. This is your chance to join the likes of Chuck Norris, Grumpy Cat and Leonardo DiCaprio, by taking over the internet one image at a time.  

4. You could win a trip to the Aegean Sea 

If the contestant your heart flutters for has mutual feelings, then you could be off to Greece with your new bae. You’ll be saying “what debt crisis?”, as you rub sunscreen on each other backs. Cuuuuuttteee. 

5. You might find your soulmate 

Don’t forget, this is a dating show people! Are you sick of your aunty asking you if you’re ever going to get a boyfriend/girlfriend at every single family gathering?  We feel you. This is a way you can become the new golden child of the fam. #winning

Convinced? We thought you might be.