Siwon has confirmed his views on same-sex marriage.
11 Sep 2015 - 4:19 PM  UPDATED 11 Sep 2015 - 4:37 PM


Super Junior's Siwon posted an apology to his fans on September 12 after posting a series of re-tweets that confirmed he is against same-sex marriage (see below). 

He said,"I deeply apologize for many of you who've been hurt by the re-tweets I posted today."

He continued, "I re-tweeted a source that has another opinion about legalizing gay marriage. However, I belatedly realized that this was not just a matter of posting a source's opinion after reading many tweets sent to me. My thoughtless tweets hurt a lot of people, and I'm humbled by the fact that I gave pain to a lot of fans, staff, and everyone else. I would like to communicate and learn more in the future. Again, I apologize to everyone I hurt with my re-tweets."


Super Junior member Siwon retweeted a news article on September 11th about the recent Kim Davis case in the U.S. as well as two Biblical passages confirming he remains against gay marriage. 

Siwon had previously expressed his understanding of the issue when asked by the press about sexually ambiguous roles, “I will respectfully refuse any such offers. While I respect all genders, I do not wish to acknowledge homosexuals as I have been taught that God created Man and Woman with specific characteristics and duties. I realize that with globalization, there are many [entertainers] who do not share my views. There are those who are value-oriented and those who are success-oriented. However shouldn’t an actor deliver an image to his audience through roles he chooses to portray, based on his beliefs in life?

Kim Davis recently made headlines in the U.S. when she refused to issue same-sex marriage licenses on the grounds that it was against her religious beliefs. She was sent to jail but later released on September 8. 

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