Hatsune Miku has announced an American tour.
16 Nov 2015 - 12:45 PM  UPDATED 16 Nov 2015 - 12:46 PM

Move over human singers, because Hatsune Miku is about to take over.

The virtual idol has announced that she’ll tour North America, and by doing so, will make her Canadian performance debut. Hatsune’s 2016  North American tour will kick off next year in Seattle on April 23.

Other cities on the itinerary include San Francisco, Los Angeles, Dallas, Toronto and New York.

While Hatsune has performed at Los Angeles and New York before, this is her first time covering other parts of the United States. And just to keep things interesting, there’ll be one more city on the list, to be announced later. The concert is unique as it gives fans a chance to see her in holographic glory, rather than just watching her videos.

You can check out more info on the site here.

Source: IT Media

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