Show Lo finally got his wish of working with Miss A's Suzy.
25 Nov 2015 - 7:56 PM  UPDATED 25 Nov 2015 - 7:56 PM

It’s a match made in Asian pop heaven. Miss A’ Suzy has recently featured in Show Lo’s new song and music video, "Together in Love."  

Show Lo professed to his fondness for Suzy some 2 years ago by saying he wanted to work with her. Now, he finally got his wish.

While Suzy’s boyfriend Lee Minho may not be so hot on the idea of the pair getting cosy, it signals a possible break into the Chinese market for Suzy.


Sine Entertainment reported that Suzy visited Show Lo in Taiwan to film the video and even said “Hello” to Lo in Chinese. Lo in turn was impressed and in turn complimented Suzy on her pronunciation.

Apparently, Suzy has been learning Chinese for the song and she also got quite physical for the music video.

Lo told Sina that he asked her to slap him -- for the video-- and was surprised that she followed through with much gusto.

“I think my face is lopsided now,” joked Lo.

Watch the pair's chemistry. 


Meanwhile, this may be what Lee Minho looks like right about now XD



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