How to spill the beans in true Asian drama fashion.
14 Feb 2016 - 10:15 AM  UPDATED 14 Feb 2016 - 10:16 AM

It’s a day typically filled with hearts and romantic declarations. If you’ve got that someone special you’ve been eyeing or thinking about lately, here are some tips – for both guys and girls - to help you unashamedly blurt out your feelings this Valentine's Day. 

Warning: Cheese and sugar-coated professions of love ahead. 

1.    Have a wingman/wingwoman

You might have a budding cupid in one of your best friends but they just didn’t know it yet! Just take a look at how ab-tastic, I mean fantastic, Henry is in ‘Oh My Venus’!

If you’ve got GOT7 around to help you out, even better!

2.    Buy him/her a drink without them even realising

3.    Work in some compliments

It’s the one day where cheesy lines and greasy words can be forgiven. Just check out Infinite’s L turning on the charm for f(x)’s Krystal on ‘My Lovely Girl’ .

Oh, so very smooth.

Much like Joo Jihoon’s character Minwoo in the drama ‘Mask’. I wonder if anyone has tried this line on the SHINee members...

But one line I wouldn’t recommend repeating is this one, unless you’re So Ji Sub. You would most likely get a kimchi slap to the face…or a restraining order.

Speaking of slapping, it reminds me of that scene in Itazura Na Kiss. Um..let's just say backhanded compliments don’t always work.

4.    Be direct

I mean who doesn’t love tea but sometimes it’s best to get to the point – like in ‘Wild Romance’.

Good thing too. Turned out she served him tea that was 3 months past its expiration date.

Yoo Jung is another great example, as he doesn’t beat around the bush with Seol and tells it to her straight in ‘Cheese In The Trap’.

5.    Write a letter

It’s easy to forget the words you want to say when you get all nervous and tongue-tied in front of your future/potential bae. Sometimes it’s better to write it all down, especially if saying it face-to-face is a bit embarrassing.

6.    Prepare tissues in case things get emotional

Unless of course, you’re SHINee’s Minho and can just take off your shirt.


7.    Hypnotize them

Yes Jungkook, I am a cat and I am happy just looking into your eyes. *dream-like state* 

8.    Go on 'If You Are The One'

Many contestants have bravely professed their profound feelings for their favourite girl on this popular Chinese dating show. Your fellow Aussie citizens have also gone yonder to find love and you can watch it all unfold tonight 7:30pm on SBS2!

Go on! Take a chance and woo that special someone this V-day!

Disclaimer: These tips have been inspired by my time living in drama-land thus far and are in no way a guarantee of success. Please proceed with caution.

Bonus!  'Moorim School' bromance.