Musical talent, good looks, AND book smarts!
3 May 2016 - 1:05 PM  UPDATED 3 May 2016 - 1:44 PM

Talent manifests in different ways for everyone. For some Asian pop stars, this means going beyond being gifted at singing and dancing (and looking great whilst doing it).

From being multi-lingual to having multiple university degrees, here are eight Asian pop idols who have the brains to back up their musical talent.

8. Siwan of ZE:A

Not only is ZE:A's Siwan talented at dancing and singing, he is also the group's resident genius! Siwan was actually studying mechanical engineering, before he swapped the textbooks for a microphone. Just to add to his already-impressive list of achievements, Siwan can solve a Rubik's cube in under 40 seconds!


7. Tablo of Epik High

Epik High's Tablo has a reported IQ of 160, has a masters degree in English from the prestigious Stanford University, and was averaging an A during his studies. If Tablo wasn't in the K-Pop industry, he'd probably be the next Einstein!


6. Miryo of Brown Eyed Girls

Miryo actually dropped out of high school, but she later took the GED and managed to gain entry into Joongang University, one of Korea's most prestigious institutes. In addition to her book smarts, Miryo is also pretty business-savvy about her music and stuff about copyright.


5. Max Changmin of TVXQ

Max Changmin may be known for his sky-high voice, but that's not the only thing that's sky-high! Max has an IQ of 155, a degree in postmodern music from Kyung Hee University, a film and arts degree from Konkuk University, and a Masters and PhD at Inha University.


4. Hani of EXID

Not only is EXID's Hani incredibly funny, she's also incredibly smart! She's fluent in Chinese and Korean, has an IQ of 145, and managed to score a 900 out of 990 on the TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) despite only studying English for just two months. 


3. Verbal Jint

When Verbal Jint isn't revolutionising the Korean music industry, he's out flexing that incredibly smart brain of his! Verbal Jint graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from the prestigious Seoul University, and was in the process of getting a law degree at Hanyang University before dropping out. 


2. Seohyun of Girls' Generation

It can be a little hard to stand out in a K-pop group, but Girls' Generation's Seohyun has managed to do it using her smarts! Just recently, she graduated from Dongguk University with a major in theater acting. 


1. Rap Monster of BTS

Rap Monster has a reported IQ of 148, scored 900 out of 990 in the TOEIC test, and was ranked in the top 1.3% of the nation in the preparatory university entrance exams. He may be known as a genius at rapping and dancing, but Rap Monster is just a genius all around! 


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