Before all the singing and dancing, these K-Pop idols have already had a taste of the limelight as child actors!
10 Jun 2016 - 1:15 PM  UPDATED 10 Jun 2016 - 1:15 PM

There are many K-Pop idols who have pursued an acting career on top of the music careers. However, some idols have had exposure in front of the camera well before dancing and singing ever came into view. Here are nine popular idols who used to be child actors once upon a time:

9. Hong-gi - FT Island

Before he became the lead singer of FT Island, Hong-gi once starred in the fantasticial "Magic Kid Masuri", which featured mages and of course, magic!

8. Haeryung - BESTie

Sadly, there's no video of Haeryung as a child actor. However, we do have these adorable still cuts of her younger acting days!

7. Eunha - G-Friend

She may be part of G-Friend now, but Eunha made quite the initial impression as a child actor!

6. Binnie - Oh My Girls

It actually wasn't that long ago that Binnie was making her way through movie and TV screens before joining Oh My Girls!

5. Chanwoo - iKON

Check out Chanwoo's brief-yet-adorable appearance at around the 9:00 mark!

4. Eunjung - T-ara

Eunjung had actually starred in quite a few different roles before joining T-ara!

3. Minwoo - Boyfriend

There's only one thing to say about this: "Goblin"!

2. Sulli - f(x)

The acting bug has bit her again, as Sulli left f(x) last year to focus on acting!

1. Taeyang - BIGBANG

Before BIGBANG ever existed, Taeyang played the part of a mischievous kid in a film! 

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