Black Pink have the final batch of teaser images, as well as the names of their debut title tracks!
27 Jul 2016 - 9:49 AM  UPDATED 8 Aug 2016 - 12:33 PM

***** UPDATE #5 *****

Black Pink's highly-anticipated debut is nearly upon us, but before that happens, we have one final batch of teaser images for everyone!

First we have the final member teaser image of Jisoo:

Next we have the final batch of group teasers:

And finally, we have the teaser images of Black Pink's two debut singles

The first single is titled "BOOMBAYAH":

And the second single is titled "Whistle":

We absolutely can't wait until Black Pink debut "Whistle" and "BOOMBAYAH"! 

***** UPDATE #4 *****

Get ready for more Black Pink because they've just released a heap of new teaser images - including two new individual member pics - and have revealed their debut plans!

According to reports, the group will release two new tracks on August 8 and three MVs have already been filmed. Given that Black Pink's debut album has taken two years to finish, MVs for each song will be filmed and be released throughout the rest of 2016. 

As for the teaser images, first up we have a new picture of Jennie:

Next we have a new teaser image for Lisa:

And finally, we have a heap of new group teaser images:

Just waiting on Jisoo's teaser image now! Are you pumped for Black Pink's two new songs?

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***** UPDATE #3 *****

Hot off the heels of that teaser image of RoséYG Entertainment have now dropped two more new group teaser images! 

Are you excited for more teaser images, and more importantly, Black Pink's debut on August 8?


***** UPDATE #2 *****

We're less than a week away from Black Pink's highly-anticipated August 8 debut, and YG have cranked up the hype machine into overdrive by releasing a new teaser image for each member!

First up is Australia's very own Rosé!

Stay tuned for more teaser images from each of the other three members of the group!

Are you excited for Black Pink's debut next week?


***** UPDATE *****

YG Entertainment has just dropped a brand new teaser image for its new girl group Black Pink  - and it has a date on it!

The image features the hands of each member, appropriate shades of black and pink (of course), and most importantly, an August 8 date. Could this be the official debut date for Black Pink?

Given that previous reports have stated that Black Pink will debut on either August 1 or August 8, this all but confirms it. Check out the teaser right here:


We've been expecting Black Pink to make their highly-anticipated debut any day now, and now YG Entertainment has given an update on when we can finally see the girls in action.

According to reports, Black Pink will debut on either August 1 or August 8 rather than the late July date we've been expecting, though those dates could still change depending on the circumstances. At the moment, discussions are being held in regards to Black Pink's official debut date and their slate of music show appearances. 

Are you excited for Black Pink's big debut?

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