To binge-watch or not to binge-watch, that is the question.
9 Sep 2016 - 1:10 PM  UPDATED 9 Sep 2016 - 1:10 PM

Long-gone are the days where we had to wait for DVD box sets or TV marathons to be able to binge-watch. Thanks to our good friend technology, we now have faster access to television shows and dramas without ever leaving the comfort of our home. What a time to be alive.

As addictive as binge-watching can be there are a few things you should consider. Pros and cons, if you will. So before you decide to ‘PRESS PLAY’ for the next episode, check out the list below and ask yourself “Should I be doing this?”.  



“Tune in next week…” Yeah nah

If there’s one thing K-Dramas are good at and I mean really really good at, it would have to be cliff-hangers. The kind you lose sleep over or burn your eggs because you were too busy thinking up predictions.


When you binge-watch a K-drama you don’t have to wait “until next week” to see whether your OTP finally gets together. You’ll be hanging off the cliff for a millisecond as the next episode loads. No burnt eggs or lost sleep so essentially you are saving resources and it’s good for your health.


You won’t be a victim of the ‘Triangle’ shape

No, I’m talking about the love triangles that we are secretly addicted to. Sometimes a K-Drama will start off with a bang and then eventually fizzle out towards the end (Cheese in the Trap anyone?). I like to call this the ‘Triangle of death’ because give or take, it’s usually after the third episode where things start to go downhill.  


There’s no escaping a fizzled-out-drama when you follow it week to week. You will convince yourself that it will get better until you reach the finale and realise it wasn’t worth the effort. If you binge-watch you’re more likely to avoid the ‘Triangle of death’ and invest yourself in a worthier K-Drama. 


Saving the ocean, the ocean of your tears
Remember that time you were crying week after week because an evil mother-in-law just wouldn’t let your OTP be?  


No one wants to stay on the emotional roller-coaster week after week. You will only be crying for two days or one if you’re seasoned binge-watcher (Hi-5 my friend!).




There is nothing more annoying than ruining a K-Drama you have patiently been waiting to binge-watch. NOTHING. Most of the time it’s an innocent mistake like carelessly scrolling through youtube comments on an OTP montage video (which you shouldn’t even be watching). Then there’s the temptation of googling the end of a K-Drama because the feels are too much and you just want to be free from all this emotion.

Here’s my 101 on avoiding spoilers: stay away from social media, cut off all your friends (even your invisible ones) and embrace the hermit life by living under a rock. 


“Assignment due tomorrow…time to start a new K-Drama”

People deal with stress differently. Some might exercise, take a nap or have a break (have a kitkat). Alternatively, you can start a new 20-episode K-Drama because what better time than now, right? Wrong. When you binge-watch a K-drama you can kiss all your productiveness goodbye.

How can you possibly care about that assignment due in three hours when you’re suffering from second lead syndrome?


You’ll be late to the party (and not the cool kind of late)

Have you ever been part of a conversation where everyone was talking about THAT epic episode and you couldn’t add your 5 cents because you didn’t watch it?


Watching a K-drama or any television show works best when it’s a shared experience, something you’ll have to sacrifice when you binge-watch. Don’t worry you can always hi-5 your bedroom wall when your OTP finally kiss.


Unpretty Drama-watcher

Let’s face it, no one looks good after they’ve just binge-watched an entire series especially if it's a melodrama. When you've had no sleep and puffy eyes from crying the river Jordan, there's really no need to ask the mirror who is the fairest of them all.

Whether it’s an old favourite or you're waiting for a current K-Drama to end, binge-watching is too addictive to avoid. Just remember, when you see your reflection in the screen as you wait for the next episode to load, you aren’t the only one asking yourself ‘What am I doing with my life?’

What K-Dramas do you think are binge-worthy? Let us know

Drama Queen signing off,

Shay Shay

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