K-pop groups go through several line-up changes before even debuting, and BTS are no exception!
29 Sep 2017 - 11:00 AM  UPDATED 2 Aug 2018 - 3:47 PM

It's a common thing for K-pop groups to go through several line-up changes before even making their big debut, and BTS are no exception.

Before the line-up was finalised with RM, Jungkook, V, J-Hope, Jimin, Suga and Jin, a number of popular Korean rappers and artists could've joined BTS at one point in time. Some of whom had considerable buzz around them thanks to exposure such as being part of underground rap crew DNH or appearing on Mnet's Show Me The Money

One thing's for sure, had any one (or more) of these original artists managed to join BTS, it definitely would've given the group a completely different feel. 

Here's a look at 10 artists who almost made it into BTS.

10. i11evn

Originally part of the DNH crew, i11evn had made a name for himself as an underground rapper and was a BTS trainee for a period of time before leaving.

9. Boy's Republic's Suwoong

Suwoong had originally been trained to debut as a BTS member, but left after about a year and later debuted with Boy's Republic. 

8. JBJ's A-Tom

A-Tom has was one of BTS' original trainees, but has since found success with JBJ and Xeno-T.

7. Kidoh

Another former member of the DNH crew, Kidoh trained for a year as a BTS trainee and was a teammate with RM. He eventually left and joined Topp Dogg, where he also eventually left in 2015. 

6. Supreme Boi

Supreme Boi was actually one of the founding members of BTS who left before the group debuted. However, he still works with Big Hit Entertainment as a producer, and has actually helped produce a number of tracks with the rapline.


Like Supreme Boi, IRON was part of the original BTS line-up before leaving to do his own thing. After finishing second in Season 3 of Show Me The Money, IRON was actually supposed to be in a duo with RM at some point, but this didn't pan out. 

4. Reddy

Reddy had initially auditioned for the chance to join BTS, but failed to make the cut.

3. Basick

Basick had it easier than most because he was actually offered the choice to join BTS, but he turned the offer down.

2. Loco

Loco also had the chance to join BTS, but he didn't make the cut during his auditions.

1. Beenzino

Like Basick, popular rapper Beenzino was also offered a position in BTS, but also chose to turn it down.


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