Because there ain't no party like a Death Note Gif party.
9 Nov 2016 - 5:15 PM  UPDATED 21 Nov 2016 - 10:31 AM

Death Note: Light Up The New World is coming to Australian cinemas.

If you haven't seen the Trailer yet, why have you been living under rocks, and here it is. (I promise it will write itself on the notebook of your heart in about a minute...)

Before we go any further, does this Gif represent you right now?


101 for the noobs:

Death Note is the story of what happens when you feed apples to the wrong people/Death Gods and the importance of cake when solving crimes. Also there may be a deeper message of individuals trying to use great power to bend society to their moral baselines...But mainly it's about apples and cake. End lesson!

Whether it's the manga, the anime, the J drama, the musical, Taylor Swift referencing it, or the movie, there's something for everyone in Death Note.

Don't believe me?

Here's five times that Gifs from the Death Note movies, drama and anime series, related to your life.

1. Your online life....

When you're an Asian Pop fan and don't realise the exchange rate is terrible until the end. But you need these things now because you already know where they will live forever in your house.

Everyone's camping the spawn site, no one is defending you and you're the healer trying to rest...

 When you genuinely LOL.

2. Studying


Vs Reality

Or when you're just trying really hard to concentrate on studying that thing you didn't understand in class and your brain is being unhelpful.

3. Eating

Two hands means twice as much food, right?


When your eating habits are kind of like your life....

And of course...Potato chips...You can never stop at one...

4. Family

When your mum calls to check that you got to the Con safely...

Introducing yourself to new and/or distant family members...

Getting grounded like....

5. Friends

They said they wouldn't be cosplaying at the Con this year and then they did and you didn't...

And even human's best friend, your weird...

When you have to meet a friend-of-a-friend and you have enough friends, but there was mention of cake.


And now, I must leave return to the Land of Pod, but before I go, here's a Death Note Gif that works in all situations, for everything.

Use it wildly, geeklets.

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