During BTS' appearance on "Star Show 360", V shows off his little-known saxaphone chops.
8 Nov 2016 - 11:26 AM  UPDATED 8 Nov 2016 - 8:33 PM

The recently-aired November 7 episode of "Star Show 360" featured BTS as the featured guests, and while there were the usual shenanigans from the boys, it also featured a televised first for BTS - it was V's first time playing the saxophone on camera!

V revealed that he learned saxophone for a number of years during junior high, and that his "Star Show 360" performance would be his first time playing in about seven years. So needless to say, when he finally got up onto the stage with a saxophone, V was a little rusty and all the other BTS members started to playfully tease him.

But once he got going, V showed that seven years isn't enough to diminish all his saxophone skills, managing to bust out a few tunes. After a bit of egging on from V, Jungkook then took to the stage to test out his saxophone chops - which needed a bit of practice to say the least!

And finally, V was requested to play some "EDM" on the saxophone while Jimin busted out some dance moves - and it all went about as well as you expected!

Check out V's (and Jungkook's) saxophone playing, as well as Jimin's dancing chops, right here:

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