BTS' V was seen playing with a fan's hair during an autographing event, which caused debates to erupt between netizens.
8 Nov 2016 - 9:46 AM  UPDATED 8 Nov 2016 - 10:09 AM

BTS recently held a fan meeting and while there were the usual shenanigans between the group and fans, one notable incident arose that caught the attention of netizens.

During the autographing portion of the event, was seen pulling onto a fan's hair, so much so that Jin apparently had to intervene. Footage of the incident soon emerged, depicting some of what happened:

Needless to say, this short gif started garnering attention from netizens and negative comments over V's actions starting coming up. But thankfully, some fans managed to capture footage of the entire meeting, showing that it was all in good fun and there was nothing wrong with V's actions:

As debates continued over V's apparent rude behaviour, the fan who was in the video wrote a detailed explanation of the situation and reassured everyone that the whole incident was blown out of proportion.

Here's a translation of the fan's message:

"I am the person who is in the controversial video. First of all, I am a long time fan of BTS, so I have known Taehyung (V) oppa for a long time, we are friendly and goof around a lot. That day, I was especially glad to see him because it had been a long time since I went to a fan event, so I think he did that jokingly because he was happy to see me. One thing I want to clarify is that he did not pull my hair. He just tugged it enough for me to lift my head, and I am lowering my head not because of pain, but because I was a bit embarrassed to be photographed. So please stop saying bad things about Taehyung oppa." 

What do you think about the whole incident? Did V cross a line, or was everything blown out of proportion?

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