From Box Hill in Melbourne, to be specific!
17 Nov 2016 - 11:57 AM  UPDATED 18 Nov 2016 - 11:48 AM

Welcome to DatJoeDoe Show's Joe's Blog!! This week we're getting to know Black Pink a little better, talking about 4MINUTE and have you ever heard of COOL?

BLACK PINK is Joe's favourite group at the moment

BLACK PINK are YG’s new girl group and I’ll admit it. I’m a fan.

I love every single song that they’ve come out with - they’re my favourite group at the moment. On the show I mentioned BLACK PINK during 'K-POP Confessions’ and someone anonymously sent in this confession:

“I don’t like BLACK PINK. I think they’re trying too hard to be cool like 2ne1 but they can’t pull it off.”

I personally thought it was a bit harsh. You should never compare two groups, even if they are under the same label. So I thought it would be the perfect chance for all of us to learn a little bit more about BLACK PINK.

Five Facts about BLACK PINK:

1. They debuted on August 8, 2016 and they’ve already signed endorsement deals with Reebok, Moonshot and Saint Scott.
2. Lisa is from Thailand and was in the same dance crew as GOT7’s BamBam (Thailand talent represent)!
3. Rose is from Melbourne, Australia. To be more specific, she’s from Box Hill in Melbourne which is where Chonny, Tom and I go to eat dumplings on a regular basis. I might have seen her back in the day. Crazy!
4. Jennie starred in G-Dragon’s music video ‘That XX’ (Damn, if I starred in an MV with G-Dragon, life would be complete).
5. Jisoo is the oldest member (21) while Lisa and Rose are the youngest members (19)

4MINUTE called it quits this year

4MINUTE have been around since 2009 but decided to call it quits this year. The group have had a tonne of hit singles such as "Muzik", "What’s Your Name" and "Crazy," just to name a few.

Let’s take the time machine back to 2009. The year of 4MINUTE’s debut. Here’s Ji Hyo’s favourite song of all time, it’s 4MINUTE debut single ‘Hot Issue'

The story behind ‘COOL’

One day Chonny had an idea to create a parody k-pop group, which resulted in the beginning of COOL. Members of the group were Chonny, Tom, Darren Johnny and myself. Chonny wrote the lyrics, Tom made the beat, Johnny and Darren choreographed and I rapped. It took about a week to pull it all together; learning the dance, recording our parts and finding a time we were all free to film the MV. (NB: the music video is set in Chonny’s dining area. We just moved the table and recorded there) Ha!

For costumes, we went to a Salvation Army store and bought rags and stuck them to our bodies, and drew with marker on our faces (LOL). It’s exactly what you see in the music video.

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