During a recent episode of their "Hard Carry" series, GOT7 undertook a personality test and JB was deemed to be one of the best idol leaders!
18 Nov 2016 - 11:50 AM  UPDATED 18 Nov 2016 - 11:50 AM

There are many reasons why we and fans everywhere absolutely love GOT7, but if we had to pick one reason, it has to be the personalities of each member. But it appears that despite living and performing together for a number of years, all the GOT7 members are beside themselves with curiosity about each other's personality - especially when analysed by a psychologist!

On a recent episode of GOT7's "Hard Carry" reality series, the boys sat down with a psychologist, who analysed the personalities of each member. Starting with Mark, the psychologist deemed him to be an introverted person who thinks about everything, is good at managing himself, and is generally quite cautious.  

Next up was Jackson, whose extroverted nature was deemed to be off the scale - unsurprisingly. While the psychologist found Jackson to be smart and full of passion for everything, he did say his over-enthusiastic nature could be a "burden" to others, to which Jackson immediately replied with a meek and adorable "sorry"!

Youngjae was found to be quite the ambivert (neither an extrovert or introvert), which meant that he has good judgement skills and can relate to people quite easily. As for Yugyeom, the group's youngest member was found to be an emotional and romantic introvert - which the other GOT7 members took as "he makes women cry"! 

Check out the (hilarious) results of the personality test right here:

When it came to GOT7's leader JB, the psychologist was quite impressed at how he was at managing all the other group members, so much so that he deemed JB as one of the best idol leaders!

As for Jinyoung, the psychologist found that he is very caring and he thinks about the others first, something he demonstrated quite handily by playing mum to Youngjae during a meal!

What do you think about the personalities of all the GOT7 members?

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