According to new reports, former f(x) member Sulli visited the emergency room on November 24 due to a wrist injury, which prompted speculation regarding its cause.
25 Nov 2016 - 10:01 AM  UPDATED 25 Nov 2016 - 10:01 AM

On November 24, reports surfaced that former f(x) member Sulli was sent to the emergency room due to a wrist injury, and the actress reportedly spent 30 minutes at the hospital receiving x-rays and treatment before being discharged.

Almost immediately, rumours began to circulate about the cause of the injury, and how the actress's relationship with Dynamic Duo's Choiza may have played a part in the incident.

The rumours were quickly dispelled by both Sulli and Choiza's agencies, with SM Entertainment releasing a statement shortly after Sulli's hospital visit, saying that her injury was caused by carelessness at home, and Choiza's company Amoeba Culture stating that the incident is a "personal affair between [Sulli and Choiza]" and that it will not interfere.

As for how Sulli is doing, she recently posted up a selfie on her Instagram and reassured fans that she's alright with the message "I got hurt by accident, I'm sorry for making you worry!".

Get better soon, Sulli! 

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