They also spoke about the fine line between idol & musician.
16 Dec 2016 - 11:18 AM  UPDATED 16 Dec 2016 - 3:53 PM

BTS may have recently wrapped up the promotional cycle for their latest album "WINGS", but it appears that the boys aren't slowing down anytime soon!

Just recently, Rap MonsterSugaJ-HopeJimin, and Jungkook teamed up with fashion magazine "Singles" for a classy Winter photo shoot. Between rocking some leather jackets and trim suits, the boys also chatted about a variety of topics that ranged from touring, music, dorm life, and even their sex appeal!

Having just finished their "WINGS" activities, it would be understandable for the boys to feel a bit burnt out. However, BTS disagreed and said that they are grateful to do what they do:

“We’re actually having a lot of fun because this is what we want to do, and what we really like to do.”

Rap Monster followed that up by revealing that being incredibly busy actually helps him to write new music:

 "There are times when I get a little tired from our packed schedule, but when that happens, a voice in my head tells me to write song lyrics."

While on the topic of music, the discussion shifted towards the fine line that BTS walk between idol and musician, mainly due to how actively involved the boys are with the production of their music. In response to this, Suga stated that this description doesn't really matter BTS since all they want to do is make good music:

“Good music will always be recognized in the end. We don’t really differentiate between our identity as idols and musicians, we’re just people who make music. We’re always thinking about how we can keep making good songs.”

One well-known aspect of BTS' music is their intense, yet charismatic dance choreography, and their recent "WINGS" promotions notably featured the injection of more sex appeal into their performances. Speaking about this, Jimin said that this was a conscious decision as it played into the album's concept this time around:

“Our concept [for “Blood Sweat & Tears”] was ‘temptation no one can refuse’. We all thought about when we are at our sexiest so we could create a performance that perfectly matched that concept. The other members gave great answers of feeling sexiest when they’re focusing on their work, making music, and practicing choreography.”

As for when Jimin feels he's at his "sexiest", he joking says that he looks his best when his "eyes get puffy"!

The interview then shifted towards what life is like for BTS off-stage, and all five members stated that they have no complaints about living together, so much so that they worry about how uncomfortable it would be should they all lived apart.

When asked if anyone ever feels like they need some alone time, Rap Monster joked "“Sometimes when V is lost in his games with his headphones on and suddenly shouts, I genuinely consider moving out.” 

Jungkook then chimed in on BTS' living situation by saying “I’m happy because I’m the only one who gets his own room because I won in a game of rock, paper, scissors”!

Check out a teaser video of BTS' "Singles" photoshoot right here:

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