And how he overcame the challenge of recovery
4 Jan 2017 - 11:44 AM  UPDATED 4 Jan 2017 - 11:44 AM

EXO’s Kai is extremely passionate about dancing, so being injured last year was a major challenge for him.

The Asian pop star has opened up to Sports Seoul about how hard 2016 was after he injured himself and couldn’t dance for many months.

“Personally, [last] year is a year that still holds many regrets for me,” he told the publication. “I couldn’t properly dance, something I love to do,” he said.

The idol also admitted that he was very stressed about injuring himself again. He said he fell into a depressive slump while he was out of action for four-to-five months.

Kai told Sports Seoul that he usually, “experiences happiness through dance, and [is] someone who finds joy when [he’s] standing on stage,” so to not be able to do that was very hard for him.

The EXO member is staying really positive though and is looking forward to 2017.

In July last year Kai re-injured his ankle during EXO’s concert ‘EXO PLANET #3 – The EXO’rDIUM’ in Seoul. He was, unfortunately forced to sit out of the show.

After the concert's opening song and introduction, Suho announced that Kai had re-injured his ankle and could only take to the stage for certain parts. Suho then went on to tell fans to be safe and that their, "health is the number one priority."

EXO's Kai re-injures ankle during Seoul concert, is unable to perform
During EXO's recent Seoul concert “EXO PLANET #3 – The EXO’rDIUM”, Kai re-injured his ankle, forcing him to sit out of performing.

Kai later appeared onstage in a wheelchair and explained to everyone that he had injured a ligament in his ankle during an earlier concert, and thus couldn't perform. He then apologised to everyone and promised that he would keep everyone updated after visiting the hospital.

We hope you are fully recovered soon Kai!

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