What a nice surprise for the group's' 100 day anniversary!
13 Jan 2017 - 11:29 AM  UPDATED 13 Jan 2017 - 11:29 AM

January 12 was a very special day for SF9 and their fans because it marks 100 days since their debut!

To celebrate their first big milestone, SF9 held a VLive session with their fans for a chat and various shenanigans. However, the group had one more surprise for their fans during their broadcast - they also revealed the name of their official fan club!

After having a fan poll to determine their fan club name, SF9 announced that their official fan club name is "Fantasy" before explaining that the name represents the fulfillment of hopes and dreams. The group then says that SF9's fans will be part of the fulfillment of their hopes and in turn, SF9 will be part of a beautiful fantasy for their fans.


Check out SF9's 100 day anniversary celebration VLive right here; the fanclub name reveal occurs at about the 22:00 mark:

A big congrats to SF9 for the establishment of their official fan club and for making it 100 days! In our own celebration of many more anniversaries to come, let's flashback to the time when our very own Andy Trieu had a chat to the boys when they just debuted:

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