With a huge 2016 now behind them, what does 2017 have in store for BTS?
25 Jan 2017 - 11:01 AM  UPDATED 25 Jan 2017 - 11:02 AM

From lighting up the charts with "Fire" to soaring above almost everyone else with their "WINGS" album, it goes without saying that BTS had a hugely successful 2016. With such a high bar set in the past 12 months, how will the boys follow that up in 2017?

Just recently, BTS sat down for an interview with Sports Seoul and each individual member was asked to share their thoughts about the past year and to talk about their 2017 resolutions.

For Rap Monster, 2016 was the most beautiful moment of his life and he plans on making 2017 even better by releasing more music:

“2016 was literally ‘the most beautiful moment in our lives.’ It was a year that has enabled us to do the things we want in the future, and upgraded us to a higher level. Personally, I plan to release a lot of music this year.”

Suga made a big splash by himself with the release of his solo mixtape, and he hopes to repay his members' support by supporting the activities of everyone else:

“I hope 2017 will be a year that shines as bright as last year. Last year, I did my own individual activities like putting out my mixtape, but this year I plan to focus on supporting the other members as they make their own music.”

Jin described 2016 as a very happy year due to all the love that BTS received, and he hopes that 2017 will open up more variety show opportunities for him and the rest of the group:

"I hope that in 2017, we’ll be able to receive as much love as we did in 2016, Personally, I’m very interested in variety programs.”

For J-Hope, the group's musical evolution throughout 2016 has inspired him to achieve even more for 2017, such as pushing himself musically and studying foreign languages so he can communicate with fans:

“2016 was a year when we achieved goals that we’ve been wanting to achieve. Musically, I took part in our second full album’s intro, and took on new challenges in various areas such as in our videos. In terms of our group, we achieved our goal of winning a grand prize. It was a year that has made me more confident.

I want to focus on studying foreign languages to communicate with foreign fans, since our ‘WINGS’ tour is coming up. Health is also important. Rap Monster and Suga have put out mixtapes, and I think I need to get my own ready too.”

Jimin describes 2016 as a year full of happiness and he hopes that 2017 will be filled with even more happy things, such as being cooler and growing taller!

"I hope that not only us, but also our fans will be happy. My goal is to show a more mature and a bit cooler side every year. Personally, I hope that I can eat a lot and get just a bit taller.”

As for V, he was very happy that BTS achieved their goal of winning a grand prize at an awards show, as well as all the love from their fans. V then added that 2017 will hopefully see the group improve even more as performers while he hopes that his acting ability will continue to improve:

“In 2016, both our group’s goal and my own personal goal was to win a grand prize at an award show, but we luckily received a lot of love from fans and achieved that goal. For singers, a grand prize is both our greatest goal and our dream, so I’m so proud and grateful to our fans since that has come true. Personally, I acted as Hansung in the drama ‘Hwarang,’ but I think I’m not yet deserving of the title ‘actor-idol.'”

And finally, the group's golden maknae Jungkook says that 2016 saw the group's popularity grow even more and that he hopes to write his own songs throughout 2017:

“Personally, I want to write a song. So far I’ve written melodies, but now I want to try making the beat too. By December 31, I will release a self-composed song in some form for sure."

From new music in the works to more variety shows, it sounds like greater things are still yet to come for BTS in 2017!

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