Teen Top vs ASTRO vs SNUPER vs B.A.P vs KNK vs SEVENTEEN - who won the rhythmic aerobics at the “2017 Idol Star Athletics Championships”?
31 Jan 2017 - 10:28 AM  UPDATED 31 Jan 2017 - 10:28 AM

The annual Lunar New Year "Idol Star Athletics Championships" special recently hit airwaves on January 30, and this year's event saw the introduction of a new boy group rhythmic aerobics competition. 

To usher in the new boy group rhythmic aerobics competition into the event, Teen TopASTROSNUPER, B.A.PKNK, and SEVENTEEN were on-board to showcase their athleticism and aerobics.

Kicking things off first was Teen Top, who combined some incredible street dancing and athleticism to a medley of classical music which included pieces from Tchaikovsky and Gershwin.

Next up as ASTRO, who took on a high-energy concept that was inspired by "Pirates of the Caribbean". From portraying fierce sword fights to a series of incredibly difficult synchronised movements - including an impressive final formation - the group certainly impressed everyone in the arena. 

Donning some incredibly flashy suits reminiscent of Michael Jackson, SNUPER paid tribute to the late King of Pop by incorporating many of his signature moves into their choreography before finishing up with a dance break set to "Beat It".

B.A.P brought the laughs and gasps to the audience as the group decided to embrace a Kung-Fu concept, which including some incredibly athletic stances and kicks, all set to a faster remix of "Kung-Fu Fighting"

KNK embraced their love of comic books by taking on an Iron Man concept, which included brilliant red and gold outfits complete with a chest-piece. Re-enacting battle scenes featuring Iron Man, KNK impressed everyone with their high-energy performance, so much so that the commentators couldn't help but praise them.

Last but not least were SEVENTEEN, who put on an incredibly intense and athletic performance inspired by "Transformers". With high-energy flips and twists galore, everyone in the arena had their mind blown with SEVENTEEN's showcase.

As for the final winner of this new event, SEVENTEEN and ASTRO both tied with 19.10 points in the end. Since there has to be a winner, the judges took an extra look into the execution of both performances and it was ASTRO who ultimately took home first place with 9.45 points against SEVENTEEN's 9.30 points.

A huge congrats to ASTRO and all the other groups for their brilliant aerobic showcases!

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