An uneven premiere to 2PM's Australian adventure, but greater things look to be in store.
7 Feb 2017 - 2:27 PM  UPDATED 7 Feb 2017 - 2:32 PM

It's a little hard to believe, but it has been a number of years since 2PM have had their own variety show. Clearly the boys thought it was time for a return to TV, and last November saw the entire group jet down under to Australia to film their newest variety/reality program "Wild Beat".

Having stated a number of times during their 2016 comeback that despite all the years spent together, 2PM have yet to even take a trip together once and hope to do so before they enlist in the military. So even before the premiere of "Wild Beat", the show already has extra expectations attached to it -  fans have been waiting patiently for a new and entertaining adventure, and 2PM themselves finally get the trip they've been wishing for albeit under the guise of their long-awaited reality show comeback.

Judging from the uneven premiere, there's a lot of promise - just don't expect reality show gold right from the onset.

Of the episode's 46-minute or so running time, 5 minutes was spent teasing what shenanigans lie ahead in future episodes and 25 minutes was spent setting up the premise of 2PM's trip - the six members are to travel to Uluru in Australia and are to pay for the trip out of their own pocket by getting part-time jobs.

While it is understandable that preparations need to be made for a trip like this, watching 2PM preparing resumes and goofing around in an empty airport in South Korea doesn't make for compelling television, especially after teasing the audience with 2PM's Australian antics right at the beginning of the episode. 

Having said that, those aforementioned sequences were made watchable thanks to the antics of Wooyoung, who established himself as the MVP for this episode by being an absolute goof in regards to everything he said and did.

"Wild Beat" picks up speed considerably when 2PM finally land in Melbourne, where they are immediately mobbed at the airport by a crowd of overzealous fans. As the group and crew take refuge at a nearby McDonalds (where they proceed to get incredibly confused at Australia's self-ordering screens), the show takes in interesting detour by revealing some reality show filming secrets, such as going back to the airport once the crowd had dispersed and filming 2PM's "arrival".

Once in the heart of Melbourne and in search of their accommodation, this is where "Wild Beat" begins to shine. As 2PM wander around looking for Flinders Street, this foreign setting effectively brings out the distinct personalities of each member - Wooyoung goofing around wherever they go, Taecyeon wants to go gamble and have fun, Junho being concerned over no WiFi, Jun.K juggling being the responsible one and letting loose, Nichkhun being the ever reliable one, and Chansung being the excited one.

The premiere ends on an entertaining cliffhanger in which they finally find their accommodation for the night - one room at the Melbourne Central YHA hostel. Needless to say, 2PM probably weren't prepared to share one tiny room together and their hilarious reactions give a promising glimpse into what Australia has in store for them.

The first episode of "Wild Beat" was a bit rough around the edges, but based on the final 10 minutes, the show looks like it has much more to offer in the coming weeks

Stray Observations

- The show's funny descriptions of each member:

  • Jun.K - The Busy Feet
  • Taecyeon - The Spender
  • Chansung - The Fearless One
  • Nichkhun - The Reliable One
  • Wooyoung - The Rule Maker
  • Junho - The Concerned One

- From Japan to South Korea to Australia in the span of a couple of days - poor Jun.K must've been exhausted.

- Props to Wooyoung again for being a lovable goof and making the whole episode just that bit more enjoyable.

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