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Drinking in Japan is not quite as simple as getting drunk as Eat Your Kimchi find out!
15 Feb 2017 - 1:43 PM  UPDATED 15 Feb 2017 - 1:46 PM

Part of Japan's charm is its unique views on culture and life, especially when compared to Western countries. For the Eat Your Kimchi duo, they've been quite taken in by Japan's famous - and changing - drinking culture.

Unlike Western drinking culture, which usually occurs on weekends and holidays, Japanese drinking culture differs in that people drink every day. While it is known that workers go drinking after work, usually with their bosses in some business-related event, Simon and Martina have noticed that this culture has been gradually changing.

According to recent statistics, millennial males apparently do not drink as much as older males and this signifies a change in drinking and work culture. In the past, it was considered the norm for workers to go drinking all the time with their boss for social and networking reasons. However, younger generations are increasingly saying no to having drinks with their boss in favour of spending more time with their families.

Changes in alcohol consumption trends isn't just confined to males - Japanese women are starting to drink more wine. Japanese women are drinking more wine than ever before according to recent statistics, although having said that, wine consumption is still quite low with an average of 4 bottles consumed per person per year.

As for why Japanese women are starting to drink more wine, Martina suggests that the opening of a winery in Hokkaido, the aging population (who prefer rice alcohol to wine), and Western cuisines (such as Spanish Tapas) becoming more popular have all contributed to this interesting drinking culture change. 

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