K.A.R.D are unique in their own way - and it is paying off big time.
22 Feb 2017 - 1:07 PM  UPDATED 22 Feb 2017 - 1:07 PM

Whenever K-pop groups are asked "what makes you different?", the answer is usually related to their sound or concepts. For rookie group K.A.R.D though, the answer is a bit more interesting as they're perhaps the only active co-ed group in the industry at the moment but they're already experiencing considerable success despite having not officially debuted yet.

Speaking to Sports Donga in a new interview, K.A.R.D don't think it's the co-ed aspect that's the primary reason for their success. Rather, they all say their uniqueness stems from the group's music unique sound and music:

“The genre of music we are making is popular amongst international fans and there are also many people in Korea who are becoming fans of [electropop/synth-pop]. I think it will become more popular when we start actively promoting our songs.”

Comprised of two male (B.M and J.seph) and two female (Somin and Jiwoo) members, K.A.R.D have been able to take on new concepts and genres that would otherwise be less interesting for single gender groups, and this in turn has helped the rookie group achieve massive international success upon the release of their pre-debut single "Oh NaNa". 

While the group has already had a taste of success, the members were originally a little concerned over being in a co-ed group, though they all eventually warmed to the idea. B.M. revealed that he and J.seph were originally meant to debut as a hip-hop duo, but the original plans changed.

J.seph followed it up by saying that "it was initially disconcerting to be a co-ed group because [he] couldn’t picture it." Having said that, he says that he now feels "like it was a great blessing because Somin and Jiwoo have made up for [his and B.M.'s] weaknesses and [K.A.R.D] are able to appeal to fans in a way that only a co-ed group can.”

With virtually no promotion, "Oh NaNa" managed to take the No.2 spot on the U.S. iTunes K-pop chart and the MV has already racked up over 6 million views. The recent release of K.A.R.D's newest pre-debut single "Don't Recall" has been even more successful, reaching the top 10 of many international iTunes charts and racking up MV views quicker than what "Oh NaNa" did.

So what do K.A.R.D think about all this pre-debut international success?

Jiwoo says that the group "didn't even think about" but would like to "thank everyone for supporting K.AR.D." B.M then followed it up by saying, "[K.A.R.D] want to become world stars. [K.A.R.D will] continue to work hard so that we aren't just a unique rookie group but a group that can place on the Billboard charts."

As for what's next for K.A.R.D, B.M hinted at a world tour before the rest of the members confirmed that a third song is in the works, saying "We are currently working hard on our third song, please look forward to our next project."


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