7. She doesn’t like to eat cucumber or watermelon!
9 Mar 2017 - 1:57 PM  UPDATED 8 Nov 2017 - 2:46 PM

Welcome to DatJoeDoe Show's Joe's Blog!! This week he's teaching us about TWICE's Momo and sharing the funniest K-Pop fan meet moments...

TWICE are on a roll; their latest MV for "Likey" is racking up the views and their new album Twicetagram is topping charts around the world, including the U.S!

So, let’s take a closer look at their lead dancer and Heechul’s favourite member, Momo:

1. She started dancing when she was three years old (so that's why she's so good).

2. A JYP scout found a video of her and her older sister dancing on YouTube, thus being asked to audition in 2012.

3. Her mum is a K-Pop fan, which is how she learnt about the business. Her mum used to always watch Lee Hyori and Rain (her mum must be so proud of her)!

4. When she was a JYP trainee Momo featured in GOT7’s “Stop Stop It,” Junho’s “Feel” and Wooyoung’s “R.O.S.E.”

5. Momo was eliminated on the JYP survival show Sixteen but was brought back on the last episode to become a member of TWICE (crazy)!

6. She is a huge fan of Minho from SHINee.

7. Momo doesn’t like to eat cucumber or watermelon.

8. Her motto is, "If you work hard, you can eat delicious food."

VIDEO: Funny K-Pop fan meeting moments

Have you ever wanted to meet your favourite K-Pop idols? There’s usually one big problem - Not living in South Korea. So, here are some of the funniest moments from K-Pop fan meetings for you to enjoy form home.


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