She wants fans to show love for T.O.P by ... showing less love?
13 Mar 2017 - 11:08 AM  UPDATED 13 Mar 2017 - 11:08 AM

It goes without saying that BIGBANG VIPs have been missing T.O.P quite a bit ever since he enlisted in the military last month, so much so that fans have started sending food packages to the the baritone rapper. As heartfelt and sweet as these gestures are, it looks like it may not be a good idea!

In a new Instagram post from T.O.P's sister, she explains that while it is great that fans are sending him food out of love, food deliveries are forbidden at his training center and he will get penalised if he receives any packages. She then ends her message by asking fans to not send T.O.P any food, not because he doesn't want it, but because he'll get in trouble if he receives any gifts.

Here's a translation of T.O.P's sister's message:

"I have a request! My little brother contacted me.. He's now done training in Nonsan and he's now in Byukjae for the second half of his training. He said that the Byukjae training center forbids food delivery, so if he gets any, he'll get penalized, so you really can't send him any.. because he'll be in trouble if he gets penalized.. So please don't send him any!! I'm always grateful that you care for my brother so much."

Righto, no more food for T.O.P, just our unwavering love!


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