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It's not just the great food that brings all the K-pop groups to Japan.
28 Mar 2017 - 1:44 PM  UPDATED 28 Mar 2017 - 1:59 PM

As K-pop's popularity continues to rapidly grow around the world, an increasing number of K-pop groups are booking more international activities and tours compared to their domestic activities in Korea. As the Eat Your Kimchi duo found out while in Japan, that there's a simple business reason behind this emerging trend.

While K-pop groups may see their share of popularity in South Korea, there's simply no money to be made at home, hence why everyone has their eyes set on other countries, particularly Japan.

Simon and Martina point to 2PM as a prime example of this emerging trend, noting that while the group were initially popular in South Korea, they started focusing on the Japanese market in the last few years due to the lack of money being made back home. While this has meant that 2PM is no longer a big name in South Korea, the group are huge in Japan and are also making quite a bit of money, something that Simon noticed when he saw huge Japanese 2PM billboards plastered everywhere.

Even a super popular group like BIGBANG are jumping on this train. Simon noted that the group performed only a handful of times in South Korea during their 10th anniversary tour last year, and yet BIGBANG performed over 40 dates in Japan.

So the simple answer as to why K-pop groups go to Japan - there's money to be made there!

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